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Practicing chiropractic in Denmark

To practice in Denmark a chiropractor educated or registered abroad has to apply for Danish authorization from the Danish Patient Safety Authority called ‘Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed’ in Danish

The Department for Education and Authorization at this authority handles the relevant procedures regarding authorization including the level of Danish language skills, application forms, fees, etc. Follow this link to read about the guidelines regarding required documentation and more:,-anerkendelser-og-selvstaendigt-virke/soeg-autorisation-udenlandsk-uddannet/kiropraktor

The Danish Health Care System distinguishes between authorization and permission to work independently.

Authorization gives right to work as an chiropractor in Denmark, but only under supervision from a chiropractor with what is called: Permission to Practice Independently as a Chiropractor. Permission to Practice Independently gives right to practice individually, run a chiropractic clinic and to train and supervise other chiropractors, and is given to chiropractors after one year of internship in a Danish clinic.

All chiropractors graduating from non-Danish countries have to accomplish that one year internship in a Danish clinic. In this period of clinical training you are contractually engaged with a clinic and get paid minimum almost as much as a newly appointed chiropractor with permission to work independently.

Work permit and residence permit
When working as a chiropractor in Denmark, EU citizens need no special work permit, while a work permit is needed for citizens from countries outside of the EU. EU citizens may work in another EU country for three months without a residence permit. For a longer period a permit is required. Citizens from countries outside the EU must have a residence permit from the first day of work.




Want to practise in Denmark?

Please, contact the secretariat of the Danish Chiropractors' Association, if you need information concerning other issues than authorizational matters. We are pleased to inform you about the conditions regardring chiropractic practise in Denmark. Are you engaged in chiropractic research? Please, read about the Danish Chiropractic Research Fund.

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