The University of Southern Denmark is the only educational institution in the Nordic countries with a graduate program in clinical biomechanics (chiropractic). About 2/3 of the students come from Denmark, the rest are from the Nordic countries, . The program in clinical biomechanics in Odense is widely recognised and well-esteemed internationally.

clinical biomechanics provides the students with the scientific foundation for future chiropractic skills.

The study program requires the ability to navigate in a very large amount of knowledge originating from many different subject fields. The new knowledge students learn are related to the day-to-day life as a chiropractor by way of skill labs and apprenticeships in clinics.

In the skill labs students are confronted with the practical skills typically required of a chiropractor, including the ability to disentangle pathological case histories and the ability to communicate with the patients in a smooth and informative fashion.

During the apprenticeships the students gain real-time experience working at a hospital or in a chiropractic clinic. Students learn to communicate with real patients as they learn to formulate and implement their examination and treatment plans.

The full study program consists of:

  • a 3 year bachelor program
  • a 2 year graduate program (following the BA program)
  • a house year (following the graduate program)

Read more and see video at the website of University of Southern Denmark


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Do you feel inclined towards a study programme that is both theoretical and practical? Then clinical biomechanics (chiropractic) at The University of Southern Denmark could be your new study programme! Click on the link below and let the video guide you trough this unique programme! The video comes in six different language versions.

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